Our HCM Solution for Healthcare

Payroll Ready can help. From advanced clinical scheduling in health systems and hospitals to budget-based scheduling in post acute care settings to provider on-call scheduling and more, We have a scheduling solution to meet your needs.

None-Acute Care Environment

– Physician Groups

– Dental Offices

– Radiology/Lab

Behavioral Health

Acute Care Environment

– Health Systems

– Community Hospitals

– Emergency Medical Services

– Perioperative Suite


Post Acute Senior Living Environment

– Skilled Nursing Facilities

– Home Health & Hospice

– Rehabilitation

Why Payroll Ready for Healthcare?

With innovative technology, we eliminate error-prone duplicate data entry, data inconsistency, and risk of noncompliance. Reduce reporting complexities. View key data in real time with configurable dashboards. Our platform offers:

  1. A single employee record
  2. A single source of truth
  3. A superior user experience
  4. Convenient cloud-based delivery
  5. Integration across all applications
  6. Integration across financial institutions