Time Off Tracking & Accrual Management

Automatically calculates and tracks each employee’s accrued time off based on your organization’s specific rules, policies, and regulations. Get instant visibility to accrual balances for submitting or approving time-off requests. Track accruals based on user-defined criteria such as hours worked, seniority, grade level, attendance and performance.

Our Technology

We provide the latest cloud-based HCM technology, with a platform that is continually evolving to meet and exceed market demands. Powered by this unified platform, our solution optimizes your entire workforce with end-to-end employee lifecycle management to help you drive productivity, increase employee engagement and make more informed business decisions. Our platform offers:

  1. A single employee record
  2. A single source of truth
  3. A superior user experience
  4. Convenient cloud-based delivery
  5. Integration across all applications
  6. Integration across financial institutions